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Your Lender's Choice!


You were referred to us for a reason. We are the recognized choice for lending professionals. Whenever they have a client with less than perfect credit, they send them to us. Whether you are seeking approval for a loan or have other credit goals, our team works closely with you and your lender to create a specific program designed to address the issues keeping you from your end goal. Our detailed Restoration Program is designed to expedite results and maximize your scores. 


A Tailored Plan!

No two credit reports are the same. In fact, your report is like a fingerprint. Some of our clients have 2 derogatory items, some have 22. When you first contact HighPoint Credit Advisors, we will evaluate your credit needs and set a specific time to consult with you. Your NO OBLIGATION consultation will be with one of our trained Credit Consultants. Together we will determine a plan of action using both credit repair and credit building strategies. 

Credit Restoration


Credit Education 


​Maximizing Your Opportunities!

The single most powerful way to boost your credit score is by adding positive credit history. We review your existing accounts, both positive and negative, evaluate your balance to limit ratios and advise on the right course of action for your optimal credit score increase. 





Credit Strategies

Credit Strategies! Do you need to settle your debts?

You should ask the following questions: 

  • Is the debt verifiable and validated?

  • Is this debt within your state's statute of limitations?

  • Has this debt been purchased by a third party collector?

These are a few of the many questions that must be answered. We will always guide you from the perspective of elevating your credit scores as quickly as possible. 




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